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24 Oct 2023 10:42 AM | Anonymous

Fundraising status 

Target : €15,000

      Amount raised : €34,000

About the Koma Karanth Foundation:

The KOMA KARANTH FOUNDATION was established during a feeding in Gloria, Oriental Mindoro when Maitreyi Karanth (Founder of the Foundation) came across a family with a young mother, Marilyn, who had suffered a stroke and was living in a hut with no toilet. Maitreyi immediately put together a team of labourers and started building a house for them. Heartbreakingly, Marilyn didn’t live to see the home completed, but this tragedy gave Maitreyi the drive to continue building homes for the poor people of Gloria, Oriental Mindoro (Philippines) – eventually completing the initial home, which they named ‘Marilyn’, plus more homes for the labourers who had aided in the construction of ‘Marilyn.”  For more information on the KOMA KARANTH FOUNDATION, please visit

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