WiTR Charity Project – Submissions

Members are invited to vote for one of the following projects.
Voting closes at 23.59 CET (Central European Time) on 21 January 2019
The elected charity will be announced on 1 February 2019.

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Managing charity name: Toutes à l’école NPO

Location: Cambodia

Brief description of the project: Toutes à l’école NPO created Happy Chandara school in Phnom Penh Cambodia in 2006, to provide high-level education to underprivileged girls and accompany them until they get their first job.

In 2018, our senior year students who took the baccalaureate examination (1st promotion enrolled in 2006) have all passed. After twelve years cycle of general studies, they are continuing their studies at the university in various fields.

In Cambodia, these studies remain inaccessible for the poorest families, as well as the price of housing and the cost of living in Phnom Penh.

The “Chandara Students’ Home” opened its doors in the university district to offer students a serene transition before their professional life, making them independent, while providing them with a secured and favourable setting to succeed in their studies.

The NPO bears the cost of university fees which are not covered by the students’ scholarships, as well as the operating costs.

A monthly allowance of $ 65 over 10 months per year is paid to the students to pay for food, electricity, water and transport costs.

Main beneficiaries: 10 students in Tourism

Target: €15 000



Managing charity name: Act4me A Chance for Therapy,

Location: Florida-USA

Brief description of project: We are committed to improve the lives of children with disabilities, helping them to progress, reach their highest potential and have a better life. The money raised helps families without medical insurance, insufficient coverage for therapy, and low income. We carefully review each application with a therapist on board. We personally meet with the children and their parents at the moment of the grant. We follow their progress through progress reports.

Main beneficiaries: 4 Children with disabilities would benefit 1 full year of weekly 1 hour session (or 2 x 1/2 hour sessions) of therapy they cannot afford or their insurance does not (or partially) cover

Target: €15 000



Managing charity name: The Hope Foundation

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Brief description of project: The project proposes to improve the service delivery of four Integrated Child Development Service centres located in Chetla Slum (2) and Kiddepore Slum (2) to cater to the educational, health, hygiene and nutritional needs of 225 children below 6 years of age, from the two slum communities. The centres in Chetla and Kiddepore slums are in a dilapidated state and need extensive infrastructure development to make them usable and attractive to the children and the community. Since the walls are currently plastic sheets, the centre will be improved with properly constructed walls, painted, and have solar lights and toilets installed as well as being provided with early learning materials.

Funding will allow HOPE to renovate and refurbish the 4 ICDS centres and provide early learning materials so that 225 children aged up to 6 years can be enrolled in the Centres and receive quality pre-primary education in a child centric and learning environment. The children will improve their knowledge on writing, reading, numeracy, social skills and motor skills. The centres will work to ensure improved hygiene practices and good health status of the children. Once the children reach the age of 6 years, they will be enrolled in formal schools.

Main beneficiaries: 225 children from slum communities

Target: €14,700



Managing charity name: Friends-International

Location: Siem Reap, Cambodia

Brief description of project: Siem Reap is the major tourism center of Cambodia. The Angkor Temples attract scores of travellers every year, bringing opportunity and economic growth. Unfortunately, the growth has not reached the most vulnerable, and with limited skills and few options for employment, many poor families end up on the streets with their children.

A high number of these are young women, and the risks they face are huge, including abuse, exploitation and trafficking to work in the sex industry. Lacking the skills to find dignified jobs, young women are pushed to earn income in dangerous occupations.

Friends’ beauty salon training business in Siem Reap provides a safe space to empower young women to learn market-friendly skills in a customer oriented, real-work environment.

Friends’ training is flexible as beneficiaries are from challenging backgrounds and have generally never been part of a structured education system. Skills-training is also supplemented by soft skills such as work ethics, communication, and customer service, and a general education in literacy, numeracy, etc. along with psychosocial support, medical care, etc. Students are thus equipped with all skills required for employment. Students graduate with government-accredited certificate, and Friends supports all graduates to find employment or start their own business.

Main beneficiaries: 24 young women (aged 16-24) as direct beneficiaries; their dependents (c.70 children and younger siblings) as indirect beneficiaries

Target: €15,000



Managing charity name: Spine Aid

Location: Chandigarh, Punjab

Brief description of project:  Scoliosis is a condition that affects children.  It is particularly prevalent in young girls.  Unfortunately, if you are a girl born in India you are at a disadvantage but if you have a spinal curvature this further adds to your disadvantage and a number of these children do suffer significant abuse.

Spine Aid provides screening and appropriate treatment for these young girls who are often from impoverished backgrounds.  We identify children in their early teens and in appropriate cases we are able to operate and completely straighten out their spine.  This significantly improves a child’s appearance, gets rid of the very disfiguring rib hump and makes the chances of marriage proposal significantly greater.  The charity works closely with the post-graduate institution in Chandigarh.  The patients are carefully selected by a team of very experienced doctors to ensure we are able to offer the most appropriate operations.  All the team collect data and this has been published in national meetings.

Main beneficiaries: Improving life for children, especially girls with spinal deformities

Target: Aim is to treat between 16 to 20 patients per trip and this costs approximately £30,000




Managing charity name: Meider Jonno Asha charity (means:”Hope for girls”)

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Brief description of project: The charity Hope for Girls, Asha has been helping girls in Bangladesh since the year 2000. Underprivileged girls and women in Bangladesh have less access to education and health care. The mission of Hope for Girls, Asha is to support girls and women of all ages to have access to education. Those are the poorest in Bangladesh and their lives would be so different if they weren’t able to stay in school. Early marriage (13+), trafficking, manual labour, prostitution would be their future. If they can finish school, they can aspire to office work and help their families where the parents are often illiterate.

The charity runs a sponsorship scheme. PAWA funds this scholarship scheme for 20 teenage girls. The objective of this scheme is to support individual girls to access school education, and to provide free after school coaching to ensure that they stay in school and succeed.

The charity pays girls around 1500 Bangladeshi Taka per month to enable them to stay in school. The monies are also used to assist with school enrolment, uniform and associated costs where necessary, with free coaching in the centre which many of the school girls attend. All the girls will testify that without this help they would not be able to stay in school, particularly as they grow older. The testimonies can be provided.

Main beneficiaries: Women and girls are the beneficiaries of Hope For Girls charity,Asha. Teenage girls are the beneficiaries of PAWA charity funding.

Target: The project cost is calculated for 20 girls: 16 EUR per girl per month at the current rate as per 18/12/2018, 1 Taka= 0,01043 EUR(1500 Bangladeshi taka). 194 EUR per girl per year. Plus additional 655 EUR (62 726 Bangladeshi Taka) for 8 older girls progressing into Higher Education. Total cost of the project is 4 535 EUR




Managing charity name: Sunrise Cambodia

Location: Cambodia

Brief description of project: Current a rental bus drives 4 times per day (return) to bring 80 children and 20 community children to primary school, secondary school and high school. By having their own bus, significant rental costs will be saved and children will have a better choice of schools.  Sunrise have sports training offered by other NGO’s, so the bus will allow more children to participate.  During school holidays, the bus can drive children on day trips to the beach or to visit Cambodian heritage sites.  All money saved on bus rental will go to other areas of need for the children.

Main beneficiaries: Minimum of 80 live-in and community children per day

Target: €15,000

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  1. I wish we could cover all these projects. All of them are so close to my heart. Having visited all these countries and seeing the need was very moving.

    It is hard to decide!

    So I had to use the raffle system, and it came back as Project #3.

    KINDLY NOTE at Design-Go we have changed our email addresses. It is no longer les@design-go.com, but rather les@go.travel.com. How can we change it in my membership so that I can get the mailings? Sorry about this. Take care, and see you sometime.

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