Introducing WanderSafe: a travel safety application (February 2018)

WanderSafe is a travel safety application created by women for women and will be free to use. WanderSafe is a female-led and founded innovator created by travel retail marketing veteran Stephenie Rodriguez. She created WanderSafe as the solution to frequent travelers who need real time safety information curated and delivered on mobile. The application allows for view real time heat maps on where danger has a potential, warn users when they are entering a potentially volatile zone, and deliver relevant travel tips by verified users. WanderSafe is democratizing travel safety and empowering its users to share their knowledge in a fun and secure way.

WanderSafe supports four UN Sustainable Development Goals including Gender Equality, Empowering Women, and sustainable innovation. Together we can reduce human trafficking and make travel better & safer no matter how far you wander.


How Can you Help?

1) Fill out a quick survey about your last trip, rate your destination, and leave a travel hack for a future WanderSafe user. – Be a WanderSafe Hero!

2) Share the Survey with your friends, colleagues and travel buddies.

3) Connect with us on social media and pledge your support to #SistersInSafety on International Women’s Day – March 8, 2018

To find out more, download a Wandersafe overview presentation here or visit