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Women in Travel Retail (WiTR) Charity Guidelines


Members of WiTR are invited to nominate a specific project (not a charity) which will directly benefit women and/or children and which matches these requirements:

  1. The proposed project must be nominated by a WiTR member
  2. The proposed project must be managed by a registered charity with a clear and clean track record
  3. The project must be an end to end project (e.g. classroom) or a quantifiable project (number of operations) that can be completed solely with funds raised by WiTR
  4. Only projects with a maximum of €15k can be considered
  5. Any part of the bid which would cover administration costs must be clearly indicated – priority will be given to projects where 100% of the funds raised are used to directly benefit women or children
  6. You or your company must be actively involved with the charity and be prepared to follow the project through reporting at regular intervals to WiTR


  1. Nominations must be received by email by 23.59 CET (Central European Time) on December 13th 2019 addressed to
  2. Nominations must be made using the nomination form posted in the Members section of the WiTR website
  3. Eligibility according to the criteria above will be checked by the Chair and Vice Chair
  4. In the event that eligibility is unclear, the proposer will be contacted within 7 days and given the chance to justify their nomination – in the event of dispute, the decision of the WiTR steering group members will be final
  5. The eligible nominations will be posted on the WiTR website on December 20th 2019
  6. Members will be invited to vote by email and will have one vote each
  7. Voting will close at 23.59 CET (Central European Time) on January 16th 2019
  8. The elected charity will be announced on January 17th 2020

Download the WiTR Charity Nomination Form here.


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PROJECT Arbeitskreis Ostafrika
DESCRIPTION Supporting children in Tanzania to start schooling. Every child gets two school uniforms, one pair of shoes, one backpack filled with pencils and books needed for school and pay school lunch for one year (about 50 Euro per child). Further, the project will enable two classrooms to be renovated.
LOCATION Tanzania, Africa


PROJECT The Hope Foundation
DESCRIPTION Resource centre for children with disabilities. The beneficiaries of this project will be 100 children with disabilities. Children born with special needs are often denied their right to develop to their full potential and are instead destined for a life of dependency. The Hope Foundation has established a new and innovative Resource and Education Centre for children with special needs to provide special educational supports and relevant needs-based therapeutic supports. The Centre is open 5 days a week and works to support the proper development of these children, so they reach their full potential, are prepared for inclusive education, contribute to classroom and society, and lead a fulfilling life.


PROJECT ImpactHK – women’s emergency shelter
DESCRIPTION Supporting homeless young and elderly women in Hong Kong. Homeless females on the streets are particularly vulnerable and susceptible to violent situations.

ImpactHK have housed 92 individuals off the streets in the past two years.

ImpactHK commit to taking someone off the streets once they have shown their willingness and ability for change. However, due to the danger many homeless females face, ImpactHK need to act faster than that.

ImpactHK are seeking funding to afford an emergency shelter where they can house homeless females in a safe space, until they can support them further and find permanent housing.



PROJECT Women and Children First UK
DESCRIPTION Puberty and menstruation can be unsettling for girls worldwide.

In Oyam, a poor rural district in Uganda, it is particularly challenging. There is no sexual education in schools, meaning puberty is often misunderstood by girls and boys. Families often cannot afford sanitary products, resulting in girls having to use rags that do not offer protection nor comfort, so they miss school when they are on their period.

A study (Boosey et al, 2014) has found more than half of girls miss school at least once each month because of menstruation. Less schooling puts them at risk of early marriage, domestic abuse, increased health problems and locks them in the vicious cycle of poverty.
The charity needs funding to improve knowledge of teenagers in and out of school about menstrual hygiene, by training school clubs and adolescent champions and broadcasting dedicated shows on the local radio to raise awareness on the topic.

Additionally, we will organise trainings through the school clubs and adolescent champions to teach girls how to make their own reusable hygienic sanitary pads and provide them with the necessary tools and materials.

This can make an immense difference to 6,000 girls, their confidence and development into adulthood.


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