WiTR Charity Project – Submissions

Members are invited to vote for one of the following projects.
Voting closes at 23.59 CET (Central European Time) on 21 January 2019
The elected charity will be announced on 1 February 2019.
Vote here:
Managing charity name: Toutes à l’école NPO
Location: Cambodia
Brief description of the project: Toutes à l’école NPO created Happy Chandara school in Phnom Penh Cambodia in 2006, to provide high-level education to underprivileged girls and accompany them until they get their first job.  continue reading  »

WiTR Charity Project Nomination & Selection Criteria

Download WiTR Charity nomination form
Members of WiTR are invited to nominate a specific project (not a charity) which will directly benefit women and/or children and which matches these requirements:
1. The proposed project must be nominated by a WiTR member
2. The proposed project must be managed by a registered charity with a clear and clean track record
3. The project must be an end-to-end project (e.g. classroom) or a quantifiable project (number of operations) that can be completed solely with funds raised by WiTR
4.  continue reading  »

Travelling over 10,000 miles with a 4-month-old baby by Alison Hughes

When my brother emigrated to Sydney 6 months before I was due to give birth, I made the very naive decision (while standing in the airport waving him off) to head out to see him during my maternity leave, as I figured that I wouldn’t get the chance to travel so far again while taking a decent amount of time off.So, within half an hour of returning home from Manchester Airport, I’d booked a flight for myself,  continue reading  »

Tuscany in September by Gerry Munday

I have just returned from a glorious week in Tuscany and, I have to say, September is definitely the best month to visit. The weather is mild, the grapes are being harvest, and there are less tourists than during July and August.
We travelled with Secret Escapes, a fabulous deal which included flights, a hotel with breakfast, and car hire. We collected the car from Pisa Airport and travelled 1.5 hours to the beautiful hamlet of Oliveto (situated in the province of Arezzo,  continue reading  »

Svalbard and Greenland Expedition – Summer 2018 By Amanda Felix

As some of my industry friends and colleagues know, I love to explore the more unusual corners of the world and, quite often, will book a solo trip, which is a great way to interact with the locals and meet interesting fellow travellers along the way. Don’t be daunted – just book it, as you will encounter extremely interesting people wherever you go.

This year, I boarded a converted ex-Russian research vessel which took 50 passengers and made an expedition around Svalbard (way north of Norway) and Greenland’s east coast.  continue reading  »

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